Linz Verändert

Linz Verändert, concept design for Ars Electronica Futurelab

Linz Verändert/Linz Changes is a temporary interactive exhibition, built on behalf of the city of Linz, first opening in 2010. The exhibition deals with the City of Linz and makes relevant topics playfully accessible through 9 individual interactive installations.

We Are Linz (Wir Sind Linz) lets visitors record themselves and combine their body parts with those of other visitors, drawing on the well known concept of the Exquisite Corps.

Views (Ansichten) allows users to interactively explore ancient and current pictures of the city through an interactive table providing additional historic details.

Pulse (Lebenszeichen) detects the visitors heartbeat and connects it to the “heartbeat of the city” daily routines making the life in Linz a good.

Linz Verändert, KroGuFant

Linz Verändert, Ansichten

Linz Verändert

Linz Verändert

Irene Posch, 2023